Yesterday is a Memory
Tomorrow is a Mystery
MINDFULNESS is This Moment

We Are

Strong & Confident
Inspired & Passionate
Spiritual & Curious
Intelligent & Aware

We Share Stories As

Compassionate Caregivers
Emotional Empaths
Mindful Mothers
Wise Women

Life Has Taught Us That

Hardship builds STRENGTH
Loss reveals LOVE
Darkness opens to LIGHT

We Know & Believe

Trauma leads to TRIUMPH
Pain promotes HEALING


create our REALITY

Wisdom Weaver
Stress Whisperer
Happiness Amplifier
Hardship Softener
Negativity Crusher
Monkey Mind Shusher

Shift Your Perspective

Body Awareness
Affirmation & Intention
Chakra Balance
Yoga & Stretching
Spiritual & Nature Ritual


guide our EXPERIENCE

Learn Healthy Habits


Know Inner Peace
Feel Limitless Joy
Share Our Wisdom
Be Seen & Feel Heard

"I have found my inner peace, 
and I can go back to it time and again." ~Maria

"I thought my heart was breaking, but it isn't.  It's stretching. TeriLeigh  taught me how to grow stronger through pain."


"I wouldn't have been able to navigate such a traumatic experience in life without TeriLeigh and The MOZI Method. My life has been made whole again."


"I thought I wasn't okay. TeriLeigh helped me be better than okay. My heart is more open and my head is clearer."



Start Living Mindfully

Mindfulness Online Academy



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