Living with Intention
Breathe • Think • Act
"I thought I wasn't okay. The MOZI Method for Mindfulness helps me be better than okay. My heart is more open and my head is clearer." ~Ann
BREATHE a Deep Focused Breath
Because Oxygen Heals Anything
"Mindfulness Mentoring with TeriLeigh helped me navigate a traumatic experience in my life and see it as a growth process.
My life has been made whole again." ~Shannon
THINK a Positive Thought
Because Our  Thoughts  Create Our Reality
"I thought my heart was breaking through divorce.
But this Mindfulness Practice taught me that my heart is stretching.
I am growing stronger through pain." ~Kathy
Because Our Habits Guide Our Experiences
ACT with Conscious Intention

"Just from being mindful about my the breathing, I have noticed that I've organically made several other positive life changes." ~Rose

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