We envision a world where All People Live Mindful and Intentional Lives.


Through quality online education and telephone coaching, we teach simple and practical mindfulness techniques that, when practiced often and consistently, produce extensive beneficial results.

  • Mindfulness is a lifestyle that improves all aspects of the human experience.

  • Practicing Mindfulness in short exercises many times a day trains the brain and resets the nervous system.

  • Integrating body actions with mindful affirmations and focused breathing is Mindfulness at its best.

Mindfulness is about listening to our heightened senses and responding intentionally.


The OWL is a perfect mascot and spirit animal for Mindfulness Online Academy because it is a symbolically wise creature who uses its heightened senses as its greatest strengths.

The MOZI MethodTM

for Mindfulness


The best way to develop mindfulness is through simple every day exercises that you can practice all day, every day, at the moment your sensitivities are triggered. 

10-Second Exercises

10 Times per Day


Nervous System Reset

AKA - OwLeigh

Mindfulness Practice has guided me through the fumbles and foibles and traumas and tragedies of life. In applying simple mindfulness exercises through the hardest times of my life, I have discovered my greatest strengths and skills. I have battled my demons and made friends with my monsters. 


As a result, I have become  a strong, confident, independent, sensuous, articulate, curious, quirky, intelligent, sensitive, intuitive, self-aware creature all wrapped up in an x-small package. 

I am a teacher, a writer, a mentor, and a coach. My goal is to teach you how to to live a mindful life, trust yourself, listen to your intuition, and live with intention, which means I inherently teach myself out of a job, time and again.

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Mindfulness Online Academy



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