The Chakra Chaos of 2020

LIVE Webinar
Tuesday, October 27
7pm Central Time
How to Find the “Just Right” Balance Amidst Chaos
and Help our Communities Heal from Catastrophe

What Can You Do To

  • Learn what all the chaos of 2020 means on an energetic level and where it is taking us.

  • Explore the HEART CHAKRA and how to help it develop, heal, and grow through this catastrophe.

  • Discover simple and practical things you can do to help yourself stay balanced and help your community heal.


Facilitated By

Teri Leigh

TeriLeigh is a chakra expert, writer, teacher and coach who has traveled the country teaching. She has taught over 200,000 students, worked with over 2000 clients, and presented the chakras to yoga teacher training programs and energy healing centers in over 20 states. 

Alexander Kriech

Alexander Kriech is an intuitive, medium, astrologer/numerologist, and energy healer. Whether it’s decoding messages in the stars and planets, channeling spirit guides, or facilitating a relaxing Reiki session, Alexander helps you get clarity, insight, and healing with his no-B.S. approach and practical, grounded energy. 

Find Just Right Perfect Balance Amidst Chaos
LIVE Webinar
Tuesday, October 27
7pm Central Time

2020 has been a historically tumultuous year, wreaking havoc on our individual chakra systems. When our chakras are stressed out and unbalanced, it can throw everything else out of balance in our lives. In this Zoom webinar, you'll learn practical, easy-peasy chakra balancing exercises to tame your stressed out energy centers. 

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