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What to Expect in a Coaching Session

  • Step 1

    Tell me your story, stresses, and hopes.

    *I'll ask questions to get your talking.

  • Step 2

    I'll share my insights to shift your perspective.

    *this is the part where you start to feel better.

  • Step 3  Homework

    I'll teach you a MOZI Method Mindfulness Exercise. 

    *sometimes I'll offer other practical homework too.

  • Step 4

    Together we highlight what you learned.

    *I'll email notes and we book your next session.

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between Mindfulness Coaching and Therapy?

Therapy and Mindfulness Coaching go very well hand-in-hand. Mindfulness Coaching is educationally based, while therapy is therapeutic and clinically focused. While your Therapist can dig into the deeper issues of trauma and mental health issues (anxiety, depression, adjustment, attachment), your Mindfulness Coach can teach you simple and specific techniques, skills and exercises (breathing, affirmations, posture & mechanics movements, etc.) to address symptoms every day life stresses as they arise in the moment. Specifically, Mindfulness Coaching with TeriLeigh is a mind-body-spirit approach where you will learn about the holistic integration of your physical/mental/emotional bodies as well as specific neuroscience techniques to reset your nervous system and change habits and patterns. Often, therapy sessions don't have the time for deeper education that a mindfulness coaching session can offer. A Mindfulness Coach is trained in teaching and educating clients in specific skills and exercises.

How much does it cost?

I haven't raised my prices in over 15 years. I see a lot of coaches, psychics, spiritual mentors, etc. raising their rates systematically to upwards of $500/hour. I aim to keep my services reasonable and affordable. My rate is $100/hour, charged to the nearest 15 minutes. If you book a package series, you get the 60-minute initial consultation free and save $100. 15 min = $25 30 min - $50 45 min = $75 60 min - $100 75 min = $125 90 min = $150

How many sessions will I need?

My goal is ALWAYS to work myself out of a job. As a teacher, I always wanted my students to graduate and come back and thank me. That said, you get out of your work with me what you put into it. If you schedule regular sessions and do your homework, you will need fewer sessions and find success quicker. I find that those who have the best results book a series (or complete a package) and follow through with that package as prescribed. For absolute best results, I highly recommend a series of 5-8 sessions over the course of 2-3 months (once every week or every other week).

How often should I book sessions?

Consistency is KEY to any successful educational program because repetition is essential to creating brain patterning and developing new automatic habits. For best results, I recommend clients meet with me once a week or every other week for the first 6-8 sessions. At the end of the series of 6-8 sessions, together we will assess your progress and determine a maintenance plan. Maintenance plans vary according to personal goals. Those clients who do not commmit to a regular schedule of sessions often take more sessions to complete their program because they do not do their homework. Meeting more regularly means holding yourself accountable to doing your homework.

What if I need to cancel a session or I miss an appointment?

Stuff happens. I understand. And, my time is valuable as well. You will receive a reminder email 48 hours prior to your appointment, and that email includes a link to cancel or reschedule. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, I charge the payment method I have on file. I will call you at the time scheduled. If you miss the call, I will try again in 5 minutes. If you miss again, your session will be charged. I book my appointments back to back with no cushion between. If you are late, your session will still end at the specified time so that I can be available on time for my next client. Sometimes, emergencies happen. If something serious or unavoidable gets in the way, contact me to reschedule within a week, and I'll forgive the late notice. If "emergencies" become habit (3x or more) your canceled sessions will be charged.

Do you offer refunds?

Initial consultations require payment at the time of booking and are nonrefundable. Refunds for package purchases must be requested in writing via email to Refunds for unused packages shall equal the sum paid less a $50 processing fee and sums of services already provided, including the initial consultation. Refunds will be paid to the Client within 30 days of receipt of written request.

Your Mindfulness Coach

I started working one-on-one with clients in 2008, and have conducted telephone consults before telehealth was a thing.

While clinical studies have proven that yoga and meditation are highly effective for stress management, I find these practices to be inaccessible to the general population. Either your body can't perform the yoga positions, or you can't quiet your mind enough to sit in meditation long enough to reap the benefits.


As a yoga and mindfulness master, I have adapted these practices into simple exercises that are accessible to anyone and can be practiced anywhere and at anytime in your daily life. And, I have developed a simple step-by-step coaching process to walk you through making this practice part of your every day life.

My clients walk away from their first session with a mind-blown feeling because I offer perspective and insight that you won't get from any therapist, doctor, teacher, fitness trainer, or other provider and that offers lasting change to all aspects of your life and world.

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