A Mindful & Healthy Relationship with Food

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Listen to your eating habits to learn how to nourish yourself in body and spirit.

Do you have tummy troubles, even when you eat healthy?

Stress eating (or not eating) got your belly all in knots?

Have diets and counting calories ruined your enjoyment of meals?

Everything I learned about mindful eating, I learned from my dog Sukha. She takes her time with her meals, enjoys every bite, and prefers to never eat alone.

Learn to love your food, and your food will love you. Your body's ability to digest and process food has as much or more to do with your hormones, mood, emotions and relationship with food as it does your diet and exercise habits.

This series teaches you simple mindfulness practices to revolutionize your relationship with food to reset your hormonal balance to better digest and process nourishment.

"I learned that I'm in control of my own body chemistry!"

Your Coach

As a child, TeriLeigh's mother was diagnosed with high blood pressure and her father was diagnosed with diabetes, so her family significantly changed their eating habits. Specifically, they put effort into family mealtimes and appreciating their food. TeriLeigh's first husband struggled with anorexia, and she learned firsthand the mental-emotional power over the digestive and nourishment aspects of life. Finally, enter her dog SUKHA, who takes her time with her meals, enjoys every aspect of food, and insists on mealtimes being a respect of the food. TeriLeigh developed this mindful eating system on a lifetime of experiences with food.

"Six months after I finished this series, I lost all the weight I wanted to lose...without even trying!"

Learn to Love Your Food

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