Mindfulness for Couples & Romantic Relationships

The Hobbit and the Owl

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Listen to your partner to a learn better ways to communicate and connect.

Are you craving deeper connection and better communication with your partner?

Do you feel disconnected, distant, or lonely in your relationship?

Do you miss your partner even though you see each other every day?

Intimate relationships work best when we do the work to maintain them. Learn how to apply a conscious and mindful practice to maintaining and nurturing your bond. This series teaches you simple habits and practices to bridge the gaps between you, to remember your love and compassion for each other, and to encourage and support each other.

This series is ideal as a a complement to couples counseling, for couples whose issues are not severe enough for therapy, or for couples waiting to get in with a therapist.

"When we do our mindfulness exercises, we are much more connected to each other."

Your Coach

The Hobbit & the Owl was developed by Neil (the Hobbit) and TeriLeigh (the Owl), both having endured the pains of divorce, they developed an intentional practice to maintaining and nurturing their bond so they don't make the same mistakes they made in their first marriages. Coaching sessions are led by TeriLeigh, a 20 year veteran teacher of mindfulness techniques.

"These mindfulness exercises help us to remember why we love each other, and to share that love every day in many ways."

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