A Mindfulness & Stress Management Program That Works in 30-Seconds or Less

The MOZI Method

Coaching Package

Listen to the monsters in your mind and tame them to be your mentors.

Are there too many ping pong balls bouncing around in your head?

Does brain fog could your clarity?

Have the monkeys taken over your ability to focus?

10-Second Exercises
10 Times per Day
1 Exercise per Week
6 Weeks to Change Your Life

After you share stories of your life's challenges and where in your life you want to be more mindful, TeriLeigh will offer a holistic perspective of the life lessons you are learning, and how mindfulness will help you. You will receive a personalized MOZI Method exercise to start your mindfulness process. At the end of the session, TeriLeigh may suggest a course of treatment for several sessions to help you become more mindful and live a fuller life.

"I am connected to my body and mind more clearly."

Your Coach

While yoga and meditation are clinically proven to reduce stress, ease tension, and promote mindfulness, most people cannot commit to a consistent yoga or meditation practice to enjoy the benefits they offer. I invented The MOZI Method by integrating the neuro-scientific principles of yoga and meditation into simple 10-second exercises that are accessible to anyone.

I have a Master's Degree in Teaching and have spent over two decades fine tuning my curriculum and approach to education to ensure that students not only learn the content, but can integrate it into their every day lives for lasting results. I have spent nearly two decades studying yoga and meditation with masters from around the world. I have taught over 200,000 students in over 20 states nationwide, and presented The MOZI Method to a variety of audiences, including but not limited to: at-risk high school students, stressed dental office workers, stodgy finance managers, chiropractic patients, mental health professionals, special education teachers, and more.

"I use The MOZI Method to be conscious of my body alignment, letting go of tension, and relaxing my breathing."

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