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Yoga Wonderland

Coaching Package

The ONLY way to a mindful yoga practice is to practice by yourself, without a teacher.

Are you bored by your regular yoga classes?

Online yoga classes aren't working for you?

Have you always wanted a home practice, but never had the motivation to start?

When you get on your home Yoga Wonderland practice mat, the fan of your breath opens a tiny door to a glorious garden of wonders and curiosities you can't find in any yoga class or video or podcast led by a teacher. In Yoga Wonderland, you get to make up the rules as you go, and you’ll find yourself grinning like a disappearing Cheshire Cat in a tree. Run in the Caucus Race where the Dodo, Lory, Duck, and Eaglet remind you of your warrior strength. Eat from both sides of the hookah smoking caterpillar’s mushroom where balance is not about finding center but about playing on the see-saw teeter-totter to get that whee tickle feel in the tummy. Be like Alice and expect “nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen.”

Get on your mat.
By yourself.
5 Poses
5 Breaths Each
5 Days a Week


When you enroll in the Yoga Wonderland Online Program, you receive a variety of online resources to support your home yoga practice. This includes the Yoga Wonderland ebook and audio book, over 300 audio yoga podcast practices, a series of 5-minute sequences that can be mixed and matched to create any number of practices, a series of exercises you can take off the mat and into your daily life, and more.


Bring to TeriLeigh your body aches, pains, owies and boo-boos, and any yoga poses or sequences you struggle with. TeriLeigh will assess your body's posture and mechanics, offer adjustments and education on how to better use your body, and provide you with a personalized 20 minute home practice. Yoga Teachers may also book Private Yoga for teacher mentorship.

"TeriLeigh teaches yoga like no other teacher I've ever known. She taught me to be my own best teacher."

Your Coach

I am a lover of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and I have been practicing yoga alone for over 15 years. This creative program links deep spiritual lessons with the classic literature of Lewis Carroll and the practical aspects of gentle home yoga practice.

I fell down the yoga rabbit hole in 1999 and put on my white rabbit mask and started teaching in 2004. I have taught over 200,000 students in over 20 states and mentored over 200 yoga teachers through certification.

I have been practicing alone 5-6x a week for nearly 20 years. No teacher or yoga guru has been able to show me what I have discovered there. My core belief is that the true teaching of yoga happens alone on your mat where you can gain access to the infinite resource of your imagination and intuition.

With a passion (and college degree) for great literature that portrays deep spirituality in simple tales, I bring to you this unique program as a playful and child-like approach to turn in on yourself (like a telescope) and adventure through the wonderland you cannot find in any yoga class, podcast, or streamed practice.

"Home yoga practice brought my practice to the new level I couldn't find in any class."

Enter Your Personal Yoga Wonderland

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