The Gift Inside the Wound

Staying Mindful & Healing through Life's Traumas and Tragedies

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Listen to the gifts inside your wounds to access your inner strength.

Are you in the midst of a quarter-life or mid-life crisis?

Has divorce, loss, grief, unemployment, or another major life changed rocked your world?

Do your emotional wounds need cleaning and bandaging too?

Whether you're going through a divorce, suffering grief or loss, or experiencing a major life change or transition that is not entirely in your control, this series helps you let go of what no longer serves you and control what you can control, yourself and your reactions and behaviors. Based on TeriLeigh's memoir of the same title, TeriLeigh works with you as someone who has been there and faced some of the darkest times of life and found the precious gifts inside the worst pains.

"It's my turn to spread my wings."

What You Will Learn

Short Courses in this Bundle

    "I am unsticking some muck that was stuck in me."

    Teri Leigh

    When TeriLeigh's husband asks for divorce in order to pursue a monk-like life of celibacy and solitude devoted to spiritual study, she finds herself homeless and heartbroken. She road-trips across America in search of healing in the guest bedrooms and at the dinner tables of friends and loved ones. The journey becomes an exploration of a deeper spirituality for herself and a greater understanding of womanhood. Teri’s broken heart is stitched and healed by the nurturing wisdom of intriguing people along the way: a breast cancer survivor, a therapy dog, a transgender man, a dominatrix, and many more. From a New Year’s grief ritual at a northern Minnesota cabin in the dead of winter to a cleansing Easter rebirth in a sacred bay of Maui, Teri absorbs into her womb deep spiritual lessons from Mother Earth, the Goddess Pele, and a mysterious black panther. Wounds of the Womb traces Teri’s journey to the discovery that home is not a place but a feeling, love is not an emotion but a state of being, and nursing the un-healable wounds of womanhood is not a curse but a gift.

    "I am clear, and honest with myself about my feelings and my life."

    Find Your Gifts in Your Wounds

    7 Courses in one bundle

    Facing the Unknown

    Feeling Safe

    Letting Go

    Receiving Love

    Turning Within

    Focusing on Faith

    Returning Home

    Sold Separately for $70

    Bundled Price $40

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