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Alice & Her Friends Dare You to Step Onto Your Yoga Mat Without a Teacher

(you know you want to)

Clean Bubbles

Like Goldilocks, we are all searching for that





Yoga Wonderland Online

A vast library of home practice resources.


The Literature Curriculum

As a former high school teacher for at-risk youth, I know how difficult it is to get kids to read, much less learn the basic elements of quality literature. I wrote this novel with the intention of creating a curriculum to teach reluctant middle/high school readers the elements of literature.

I am designing this curriculum as a full online learning program to be available for classroom teachers, home-schooling, online educational institutions, and mental health day-treatment programs.

I invented The MOZI Method to help people through the hard stuffs by turning the uglies upside down to find the pretty. I ask just the right questions to get you figuring the hard stuffs out for yourself. I tell you what I hear with my happy ears, even when you talk in your heavy voice. I help you see the good stuffs that are coming out of the hard stuffs, and i give you simple homework to help you be mindful about the changes you want to make in your life. 

30 Days of Mentorship

Mosey through this 30 Day Program to a more mindful life. TeriLeigh will hold you accountable to the 30 Day Process.  


Each session, TL gives you one tiny and easy change to your daily life and routine in terms of exercise, eating, and/or meditation. 

Reader's Review

This is a beautiful memoir of strength and hope. Even the cover art evokes a "rising from the ashes."  I loved all of it, especially the beginning and the end because it is possible to come out on the "other side" of difficulty. Men and women should read this!

~ J. Doble

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