Date & Time To Be Determined | ZOOM - through Cape Ann Power Yoga

Chakra Basics thru Cape Ann Power Yoga

Listen to your CHAKRAS to achieve Just Right balance in your body, mind, and spirit. $40.00
Chakra Basics thru Cape Ann Power Yoga

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Date & Time To Be Determined
ZOOM - through Cape Ann Power Yoga

About the Event

An Introduction to The Goldilocks Principle - A Practice Guide to the Chakras

Are your chakras excessive? Too much energy spinning them that your nerves are constantly frayed? Or are your chakras deficient? Not enough energy spinning in them that things get stuck and don't work? Or are your chakras extreme? Constantly swinging the pendulum from too much to too little? What is your dominant chakra that guides your natural born abilities and tendencies?

Packed full of practical and relatable case studies, analogies, and examples, this workshop teaches you about the chakras in a way that you feel like you have learned something that you can apply to your life immediately. This workshop brilliantly weaves science and spirit into the same fabric and helps you wrap yourself and your life experiences in that blanket of alignment and balance.

You will learn:

  • A simple scientific explanation of how the chakras work within your body's nervous system.
  • Practical and relatable case studies and analogies of the chakras as excessive, deficient, and just right.
  • How your chakras and your nervous system are subject to the basic laws of physics, and how those laws apply to the basic balance of everything in life.
  • One simple exercise that works instantly to balance any (and all) of your chakras

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