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  • Are you Chakra Curious?

  • Is everything in your life too much, or too little, and you want just right?

  • Do you want to understand the science and biology of how the chakras work in the body?

What Happens When You Listen

  • Discover the state of each of your 7 chakras (excessive, deficient, extreme) and how they impact your body's ability to function.

  • Learn simple exercises to achieve better balance and function.

  • Find out which of your chakras is your dominant "go-to" energy and how to maximize on your strengths and assets.


Find Your JUST RIGHT Perfect Balance

The energetic chakra and aura system of the body is often taught in esoteric and mystical terms, using Sanskrit language and Hindu theology that is way beyond the grasp of even the most energetically aware clients and students. The human chakra system is actually your body's complex electrical network of nerves and their capacity to transmit messages from your brain to your body and back again.


The Goldilocks Principle teaches the chakras through practical terms of grade school science that can convince even non-energy believers to work towards JUST RIGHT balance in life.


You Will Learn...

  • A simple scientific explanation of how the chakras work within your body's nervous system.

  • Easy to understand definitions of complex Sanskrit terms.

  • Practical and relatable case studies and analogies of how the chakras work within the human body.

  • How the chakras balance your body in basic laws of physics such as the law of conservation of energy, the law of inertia, and the law of cause and effect.


This Program is for you if...

  • You are curious about the science of the chakra energy system.

  • You are an energy healer, light-worker, Reiki practitioner, or spiritual teacher looking for a way to relate to your non-spiritual clients.

  • You are a yoga practitioner or teacher wanting to understand the chakras in your body.

Too Much??  Not Enough???  Just Right!
  • Chakra Science Immersion  Certification_

    An Introduction to the Chakras Explained by Fifth Grade Science

    Chakra Science

  • stand your ground - earth.jpg

    Root Chakra for stability & foundation to treat fear & anxiety.


    Root Chakra

  • streaming waterfall 2.jpg

    Sacral Chakra for flexibility & freedom to treat control and letting go...Guilt & Control


    Sacral Chakra

  • fire.jpeg

    Core Chakra for strength & confidence to treat shame & insecurity.


    Core Chakra

  • relate to others - air.jpg

    Heart Chakra for openness and connection to treat grief loneliness & isolation.


    Heart Chakra

  • Balance.jpeg

    Throat Chakra for expression & communication to treat secrets & lies.


    Throat Chakra

  • Fred T Drishti.jpeg

    Third Eye Chakra for intuition and focus to treat confusion & fogginess.


    Third Eye Chakra

  • Crown Chakra for Insight & Wisdom to treat perspective & .....


    Crown Chakra

The Goldilocks Principle Book

The Goldilocks Principle Book Cover.jpg

"I am OKAY, and I am good where I am at.  

A part of me knew this, but I needed TeriLeigh and The MOZI Method to remember." ~Stacy

Born with the ability to see and read auras and chakras, and having developed her skill from the age of ten years old, TeriLeigh knows how to describe the complex energetic system in basic grade school terms, and has had success helping clients of all ages, energetic awarenesses, and holistic health challenges FIND JUST RIGHT.

TeriLeigh is a Chakra and Aura Specialist who has traveled the country teaching. She has taught over 200,000 students, certified over 75 yoga instructors, and presented the chakras to yoga teacher training programs and energy healing centers in over 20 states.

Your MOZI Mentor - Teri Leigh
Find Your Just Right Perfect Balance


The Goldilocks Principle Book Cover.jpg
The Goldilocks Principle

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