Together, we will twist the hard stuffs of life

inside-out to be good stuffs.


What to Expect in a Session

Step 1


Tell me your story, stresses, hopes, dreams & goals.

*I'll ask questions

to get you talking.

Step 2


I'll share my insights to shift your perspective.

*this is the part where you start to feel better

Step 3


I'll tell you what you can do to heal yourself.

*this is the part where the real healing happens.

Step 4


Together, we highlight what you learned.

*I'll email you notes and we book your next session.

Start Your Process

TeriLeigh has "been there and done that" in her own life

and mentored others in the following areas. If you don't see what you need,
book an initial consultation and together we will design a program just for you.


  • The Shadow's Shine
  • MOZI Your Way to Mindfulness
  • The Hobbit and the Owl
  • Body Wisdom
  • The Gift Inside the Wound
  • Sukha's Way
  • The Goldilocks Principle
  • Yoga Wonderland

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

I haven't raised my prices in over 15 years. I see a lot of coaches, psychics, spiritual teachers, and yoga instructors systematically raising their rates over time. I aim to keep my services reasonable and affordable. My rate is $100/hour, charged to the nearest 15 minutes. 15 min = $25 30 min - $50 45 min = $75 60 min - $100 75 min = $125 90 min = $150

How many sessions will I need?

My goal is ALWAYS to work myself out of a job. As a teacher, I always wanted my students to graduate and come back and thank me. That said, you get out of your work with me what you put into it. If you schedule regular sessions and do your homework, you will need fewer sessions and find success quicker. I find that those who have the best results book a series (or complete a package) and follow through with that package as prescribed. For absolute best results, I highly recommend a series of 5-8 sessions over the course of 2-3 months (once every week or every other week).

How often should I book sessions?

Consistency is KEY to any successful educational program because repetition is essential to creating brain patterning and developing new automatic habits. For best results, I recommend clients meet with me once a week or every other week for the first 6-8 sessions. At the end of the series of 6-8 sessions, together we will assess your progress and determine a maintenance plan. Maintenance plans vary according to personal goals. Those clients who do not commmit to a regular schedule of sessions often take more sessions to complete their program because they do not do their homework. Meeting more regularly means holding yourself accountable to doing your homework.


"This is beyond therapy, beyond counseling. This is spiritual, giving me insight about myself. I need that, someone to listen to me and reflect myself back to me."


I was seeing a therapist, but she had me dig into the past. I always left in a ball of tears. It was too much. I don't feel like that with TeriLeigh. She feels like talking to a friend who shows me what I already know for myself. I walk away feeling clarity and  knowing what I need to do next."


Aches & Pains
Illness & Injury
Body Image
Monkey Mind
Brain Fog
Stinkin' Thinkin'
Grief & Depression

Mindfulness Online Academy



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