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Together, we will twist

the hard stuff of life inside-out

to be good stuff.

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"This is beyond therapy, beyond counseling. This is spiritual, giving me insight about myself. I need that, someone to listen to me and reflect myself back to me." ~Marie


When I was seeing a therapist, I always left in a ball of tears. TeriLeigh isn't a therapist, and I walk away feeling clarity and  knowing what I need to do next." ~Heather

Step 1


Tell me your story, stresses, hopes, dreams & goals.

*I'll ask questions

to get you talking.

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Step 2


Vector Art Speech Bubbles

I'll share my insights to shift your perspective.

*this is the part where you start to feel better

Step 3


I'll tell you what you can do to heal yourself.

*this is the part where the real healing happens.

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Step 4


Together, we highlight what you learned.

*I'll email you notes and we book your next session.

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Start Your Process


TeriLeigh has "been there and done that"and mentored others in the following areas.

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