Excellent explanations of the magic of body, mind and spirt alignment!!! Definitely got me excited to know more!!


I wish Teri Leigh was my biology teacher in college!!! She helped me jump start my studies. I will be taking more of her courses.


If you ever wondered about the benefits of oxygen in relation to your mind, body, and spirit-- this course is for you. OUTSTANDING!!


Loved Teri Leigh's teaching style. She's very knowledge and encouraging to begin your own path.


What to Expect in Our Online Courses

Pre-Post Tests

Pre/post tests with no right or wrong answers, help you gauge how your life and learning has improved.


Stories activate our brains & bodies. We learn best when we can personally relate the content to our every day lives. 


Your brain and body remember best when lessons are simple, short, repetitive and presented one-step-at-a-time.


Homework assignments are easy and repetitive  tasks that integrate and apply to your every day life.


  • comprehensive learning in an easy-to-follow structure

  • asynchronous study - work at your own pace

  • extensive audio/video content

Start Listening to the Wisdom of Your Body
Find Your Just Right Chakra Balance
Enter Your Personal Yoga Wonderland
Start Your 30 Days Today
Treat Your S-A-D 100% Naturally
Start Your Home Practice Now
Explore the Elements & Chakras Now
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Short Courses

30-90 minute courses • $30 or less

  • Stand Solid & Feel Safe.
  • Hip Openers & Emotional Release
  • Access the Core Strength You Already Have
  • Open Your Heart & Lungs
  • Hold your Head Up High
  • The BEST deep breathing technique for anxiety & pain
  • An Elemental Approach to the Chakras
  • It might look like yoga, but it's not.
  • Biology, Neurology & Chemistry interconnected in a practical way.
  • The Chakras Made Simple through Fifth Grade Science
  • for Support, Stability & Foundation
  • for Flow, Creativity & Release of Guilt
  • for Strength, Confidence & Independence
  • for openness & expansion
  • for focus & clarity
  • for spiritual wisdom
  • for communication & expression
  • An Introduction to The MOZI Method for Mindfulness & Stress Management
  • Yoga Wonderland ebook & audiobook
  • Yoga Wonderland Journal & Workbook
  • The Complete Yoga Wonderland Asana Resource Guide
  • 5 Minutes. 5 Poses. 5 Breaths. 5x a Week.
  • Off the Mat Yoga Exercises
  • Yoga for Newbies
  • 300+ Audio Guided Yoga Practices

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