"Excellent explanations of the magic of body, mind and spirt alignment!!!

Definitely got me excited to know more!!" ~Diana

Pre-Post Tests

Pre/post tests with no right or wrong answers, help you gauge how your life and learning has improved.


Stories activate our brains & bodies. We learn best when we can personally relate the content to our every day lives. 


Your brain and body remember best when lessons are simple, short, repetitive and presented one-step-at-a-time.


Homework assignments are easy and repetitive  tasks that integrate and apply to your every day life.

"I wish Teri Leigh was my teacher in college!!!

She helped me jump start my studies. I will be taking more of her courses." ~Tonja


Short Courses

30-90 minute courses • $30 or less

  • Stand Solid & Feel Safe.
  • Hip Openers & Emotional Release
  • Access the Core Strength You Already Have
  • Open Your Heart & Lungs
  • Hold your Head Up High
  • The BEST deep breathing technique for anxiety & pain
  • It might look like yoga, but it's not.
  • Biology, Neurology & Chemistry interconnected in a practical way.
  • The Chakras Made Simple through Fifth Grade Science
  • for Support, Stability & Foundation
  • for Flow, Creativity & Release of Guilt
  • for Strength, Confidence & Independence
  • for openness & expansion
  • for focus & clarity
  • for spiritual wisdom
  • for communication & expression
  • An Introduction to The MOZI Method for Mindfulness & Stress Management
  • 5 Minute Guided Chakra Meditations
  • 11 Minute Chakra Yoga Practices
  • Yoga Wonderland ebook & audiobook
  • Yoga Wonderland Journal & Workbook
  • The Complete Yoga Wonderland Asana Resource Guide
  • 5 Minutes. 5 Poses. 5 Breaths. 5x a Week.
  • Off the Mat Yoga Exercises
  • Yoga for Newbies

"Loved Teri Leigh's teaching style. She's very knowledgeable and encouraging to begin your own path." ~Shannon

Course Bundles


short courses bundled into packages

2-20 hours of content •  $50 and up

Start Listening to the Wisdom of Your Body
Body Awareness, Posture & Mechanics
Find Your Just Right Chakra Balance
A Practical Approach to the Chakra System
Enter Your Personal Yoga Wonderland
Adventures in Home Practice
Start Your 30 Days Today
A Mindfulness Program for Eating, Exercise & Meditation
Treat Your S-A-D 100% Naturally
Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder 100% Naturally
Start Your Home Practice Now
300+ Audio Yoga Practice Podcasts
Explore the Elements & Chakras Now
An Elemental Approach to the Chakras
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