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Mindfulness Online Acadmey Teri Leigh

Teri Leigh

writer • teacher • mentor • empath

Health & Wellness

Spirituality & Mindfulness

Self-Help & Personal Growth

Intuitive Development

Yoga & Meditation

Shamanism & Ritual Healing

I believe in writing in ink, crossing out, and making a mess, because the mess is the fun.

Mindfulness Online Acadmey Teri Leigh

Be is crooked or confused, careful or conscious,

all stumbles and crumbles are valid and precious.

I've been through some hard stuff. I've survived and thrived through clinical depression & anxiety, being hit by a truck (as a pedestrian), significant digestive issues, body dysmorphia, eating disorder, chronic insomnia, divorce, homelessness, unemployment, bankruptcy, scoliosis (which I straightened with yoga), and more. Through all this, I sought help from doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, psychologists, fitness trainers, nutritionists, energy healers, yoga teachers, meditation instructors, life coaches, shamans, and even psychics. All that hard stuff led me to the good stuff of really listening to and knowing myself. As a result, I have become  a strong, confident, independent, sensuous, articulate, curious, quirky, intelligent, sensitive, intuitive, self-aware creature all wrapped up in an x-small package. 


What I came to find out is that the best answers to my problems are the answers I figure out for myself.  I believe we all have hard stuff in life, and that when we seek help, the best helpers are those who guide us to find the answers inside ourselves. As a result, sometime, every single day, I bow face-down on a yoga mat, scribble something thoughtful or random in a leather bound book, and enjoy nature with my pups in the great big outside world.


In applying simple body-mind-spirit mindfulness exercises through the hardest times of my life, I have discovered my greatest strengths and skills. I have battled my demons and made friends with my monsters. I now spend my days writing, and teaching and mentoring people like you through your hard stuffs, helping you turn the uglies upside-down to find the pretties. I hold your hand, and ask just the right questions to get you figuring the hard stuffs out for yourself. I tell you what I hear with my happy ears, even when you talk in your heavy voice. I help you see the good stuffs that are coming out of the hard stuffs. Cuz you know what? I've been there, and I know the hard stuffs are hard, and ALWAYS ALWAYS worth it.


  • Master of Arts in Teaching

  • Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing & Literary Studies

  • 20+ Years Teaching Experience 
    (20,000+ teaching hours -  200,000 +students)

  • 10+ Years in Public Education

  • 15+ Years in Health & Wellness 

  • 10+ Years Intensive Study with Yoga Masters

  • 6+ Years Intensive Training in African Shamanism

  • Reiki Master & Chakra Expert

  • Published Author 

  • Nationally Travelled Speaker & Teacher

Areas of Expertise
 Anatomy & Physiology
Body Posture & Mechanics
Mindfulness & Meditation
Intuitive Development
Passions & Interests
Neuroscience & Brain Training
Linguistics & Etymology
Diet & Nutrition
Spirit & Totem Animals

A Sample of TeriLeigh's Teaching

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