Our Mascots & Spirit Animals

Healing Happens in Nature & Play

The Owl - Our Spirit Animal

Image by chen shuang

Owls love to sit quiet and still so they can observe their surroundings.


Intuition is the ability to connect what we observe with what we innately know.


The owl symbolizes the wisdom of mindfully turning within trusting your intuition.

MOZI - Our Mindfulness Mentor

Clean Bubbles

Mozi, the Great Dane, embodies the concepts of MINDFULNESS. While he is awkward and clumsy, he is fully comfortable in his own skin and expressing himself to the world as he is, spots and all.


At the same time, he is uninhibited in his ability to connect with others, to evoke a “Mindful Moment” and bringing out the Muchness in those he meets. 

Alice - Our Yoga Wonderland Guide

Alice & Friends.png

Lewis Carroll's adventuresome story is filled with spiritual wisdoms and insights. Alice and her friends serve as guides to reconnect us with our inner child and discover wonderment and imagination.

Goldilocks - Our Chakra Balancer

The Goldilocks Principle is the concept of finding just right in any circumstance. In terms of the CHAKRA energy system, just right is that perfect balance in body, mind and spirit.

The Dog - Our Familiar

Dogs truly are  our best friends. 

In loving a dog,

we learn how to love ourselves.

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