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Amy - Over-Giving Syndrome - Case Study

Amy came to me with what I call OVER-GIVING SYNDROME. As a mother of small children, a very active rescue dog, and her own business as an aesthetician, she is GIVING GIVING GIVING and has a very hard time RECEIVING. Her giving stress manifested into rheumatoid arthritis, esophagitis, exhaustion, resentment, and unexpressed pent-up anger. As a giver, she had poor boundaries and few coping skills for self-care.

Over the course of several sessions, Amy made tremendous progress and has experienced major shifts in her family life, her business, and her personal sense of self. Her physical symptoms have decreased and she is able to manage her pain and stress without pharmaceutical medication. She has established better boundaries with her clients and no longer feels energy drained. Amy is now able to enjoy family time in ways she hasn't for many years.

In Her Own Words . . .

I like to describe Teri as my therapist, my life coach, mentor and just an amazing person I love dearly. 

I met TeriLeigh when I took a weekend training with her. It was so insightful as a scientific and medical perspective on energy healing. Not only did I feel a complete shift in energy, my entire family in my home felt it as well. My health, breath, spirit, verbiage, posture and my thoughts have all shifted to gratitude, feelings of abundance and blessings. My back doesn't hurt, my hands do not ache and my mind is full of love.

I am a mother, a wife and a business owner. I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Esophagitis. I spend the day caring for my young children and a special dog and I then, I go to work and provide skincare services for my clients. I am constantly moving. My day starts at 5am and I get home from work at 9pm. I don’t always get a chance to eat when I should, and I do not sleep well. I am constantly giving. This past year, I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and esophagitis. I have a lot of pain that I deal with on a daily basis with no medication. I choose to not medicate myself, but I do take vitamins to help. I love being a mother and I love my job. I wouldn't change anything except how I take energy in and my placement of it.

Teri has helped me find balance in my life and work. She provides me with new ways of looking at stressful situations as healing challenges. I have always dealt with depression, and going through the sessions with TL allowed me to focus on one issue at a time. I am then able to move forward and heal. My pain is managed by doing certain exercises and breathing techniques. The process that Teri uses is the best therapy I have ever had. The homework assignments hold me accountable and force me to take time for myself. I now have more focus and balance. I feel that my eyes and heart are open. My voice is alive and ready to be heard and I am grounded.

TeriLeigh has helped me find balance in my life and provided me with new ways of looking at stressful situations as healing challenges. She has helped me off the edge I was standing on and literally has saved my life.

The last session I had with Teri was a surprise to me. She informed me that she was not going to prebook my appointment, because I have made so much progress, she says I don't need to see her as often. This made me trust her even more because she is not here to just take my money, but because she loves her clients and cares for them deeply and wants them to succeed.


Are you an over-giver too? Schedule an initial consult to determine how over-giving is manifesting in your body and how you can help yourself heal by learning self-care tricks and techniques without sacrificing the service you provide to others.

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