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Empaths Recharge = Disrupted Sleep

I've been commenting through all of 2020 that sleep patterns have been especially weird for all of us empaths. These patterns have evolved over the course of the year.

When the pandemic first hit, I was having bouts of waking up in the middle of the night. In a "normal" world, that kind of waking usually meant I was experiencing bouts of creativity and needed to get up and write or create during the quietest and most productive "witching hours." But not last spring. I was just awake, for no particular reason.

After George Floyd's death, during the heaviest of the protests and the California wildfires, I had nightmares. That was self-explanatory.

This fall, sleep shifted once again. I started having very vivid dreams, and sometimes remembering them in great detail. More often than not, they involved details of my distant past. I was teaching high school (haven't done that in 20 years). People I barely knew from decades past were appearing as lead characters.

In recent weeks, since winter cold really hit, my sleep is shifting once again. I'm still having vivid dreams, but not remembering them, and they are starring people I've never met and places I've never been. Some of them are almost futuristic in nature. I wake up somewhat tired because I was so active in the dreams I did feel like I got any rest. I was taking naps. Feeling really tired and finding I couldn't work the long hours I once could.

We empaths and light-workers know what that means. We are busy on the spirit realm. Doing spirit work.

But then a dear friend of mine made a side comment yesterday that blew up into a large balloon of AHAs, so large it almost popped in my face.

She said, "with COVID, us empaths who recharge during our alone time, maybe we've had too much alone time, we are fully charged, and we don't need the rest anymore!"

Hmmm...makes so much sense! We empaths are often so overwhelmed by the "outside world" yet we keep on keeping on, we plug through, and we answer to the demands. Perhaps 2020 and the pandemic and the quarantine was a way of gifting us the down-time and alone time and quarantine time we needed to get a FULL charge, to recharge our batteries to full capacity as they rarely, if ever get?! I mean, seriously, we are those devices that never get powered down, and are always put on the charging station just long enough to get enough juice to go then next little stretch. But this year, THIS YEAR, we were fully powered down, put on the charging stations, and left alone until we could get fully charged...and now, as we get really close to 2020, and specifically close to the winter solstice where the light returns, we are fired up and ready to go.

We already started our work on the spirit realm in dream-land. I suspect that this dream-land work will continue through the winter months. But as the flowers begin to bloom and the seeds planted for all the changes we discussed in 2020 start to germinate...we will be called into action on the physical plane in bigger ways, different ways than ever.

Buckle your seatbelts empaths...I think 2021 (starting this Monday) is going to be the most amazing laser light show we have ever experienced.

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