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Lessons from COVID #5 - Heal Your Relationship with HOME&FAMILY, MONEY & HEALTH


This meme, especially now, cracks me up! The meme is a chakra joke for saying “get your head outta your a$$.” But perhaps, the whole corona virus is about getting our crowns our of our a$$e$. The three areas of life that are most disrupted by this virus are home (stay-at-home orders), finances (economy crashing), and health (illness).

In Latin, corona translates to “crown.”

Let’s think about this. A virus named CROWN has made us get real serious about the things related to our ROOT (home, money, health).

Okay… I’ll stop laughing at myself and this silly joke. Let’s get serious about the root chakra. I said in an earlier journal entry that we have all contracted the energetic version of this virus as a means of recoding our systems, making us change on a deep level. This is happening through all our chakras.

so this post is to show you how it is changing our ROOT CHAKRAs for basic needs and survival.


We’ve all been told on some level to stay-at-home. And in doing so, we are developing a new relationship with our homes.

I’ve even heard of some people individuals who have spent a few weeks at home and decided with great clarity that this is not their home, and they moved. In one case, a woman left her abusive husband and found a new home less than a week after stay-at-home orders started. She’s been talking about leaving him for years, but this forced the issue, and she found herself living with family who truly support her, and she’s happier than ever! In another case, a young couple with a new baby lost their income and couldn’t pay their rent, and moved back home with their parents, several states away. The parents are thrilled to have grand baby around, and the new parents are already finding better work options in their new home. These are decisions these individuals had been avoiding for years, but the crown virus made them stop hemming and hawing and actually take action.

Others being forced to work from home, are finding that for years they have wanted to spend more time at home, and that now, it is actually possible. Picture this, a young couple with corporate jobs have a toddler. So they are tag-teaming their workdays with toddler play. The other day, on a rainy day, the toddler wanted to go out and slosh in puddles. So they did. At 2pm. For an hour. And then the couple figured out how to get their work done later in the day than usual. And it worked. For the first time in their young parenting lives, the are really prioritizing HOME over work, and it is working. They are spending more time with FAMILY.

Others are choosing to make home more homey. Raise of hands…how many of you have found a home project that you’ve put off, like cleaning out the closets, and gotten it done, and you are much much happier in your home for having done that! I’m raising both my hands.

It’s happening.This crown virus is making us rethink our home & family values, and make the right changes now.


Unfortunately, our world revolves around money. If you don’t have the money, you can’t get it. and ALL of our basic needs are dependent on money. At a time when no one is spending money like they used to, simply because they can’t, our relationship to money is changing drastically.

On a more individual level, I know of people who are still working their normal jobs, earning their normal paychecks, and spending FAR LESS money than before because they are stuck at home. They are finding a new relationship with their funds. Saving in ways they haven’t, and giving in ways they normally wouldn’t. And, they are learning that how they spend money really does change how they are. I personally find myself NOT worrying about money in ways I never have before. This is coming from a hard-working self-employed individual who has learned how to survive and thrive most of my adult life on poverty level income. I lost about 1/3 of my income as one of my contract suspended indefinitely. Yet, oddly, I’m not worried. I’m able to look back on the times I did worry about paying the next bills, and they always ALWAYS worked out, and so this time will too. And, somehow, the funds are there, even with less income.

On the local level, I am seeing people reach out and GIVE to each other for basic needs more and more. Banks are pausing loans, forgiving late fees, credit card companies are suspending late fees. People are leaving piles of groceries on tables on their lawns for their neighbors. Restaurants are offering “community meals” to those who don’t have enough food. It’s no longer about “I earned it I hoard it” but there is a community level of sharing. Rather, it’s “I have the skill, so I’ll make masks for the local assisted living facilities.” Heck, I gave a $20 bill to a homeless guy the other day because I could, and he was smiling, and the sun was shining, and well, why not?

The haves are giving abundantly to the have nots in ways we have never seen before.

On national levels, decisions are being made to change how we deal with money, particularly in terms of serving our basic needs. Rent and mortgage payments are put on hold. Some countries are considering instituting not only universal health care, but also a mandated minimum salary for ALL workers. I wouldn’t be surprised if this “recession” became a giant step back to launch into an even larger step forward in terms of our national and global economy. The new laws will change everything about how everyone on the planet relates to money.


This one is obvious. The virus has all made us much more aware of our overall health and well-being. Everyone on the planet is more careful about washing our hands, and general hygiene (well, at least I hope everyone is). Suddenly, Tony Shalhoub’s TV character MONK and all his OCD hygiene antics are considered normal. Not only are we as individuals being more meticulous about being clean, our planet as a whole is cleaner and healthier!

As with any virus, once you get it, you become immune, vaccinated. which means you aren’t likely to get it again. You can fight it off. You are healthier, stronger, more able to handle tougher circumstances in the future. Yes, we are struggling right now, but when we do collectively kick this corona-crown virus into it’s own a$$, we will be a healthier community as a whole.

another raise of hands, how many of you are taking walks now, or longer walks than usual, just because you need to get outta the house in some way? Or, you can’t leave the house, so you’re doing something physical at home. You’re exercising in ways you haven’t before? Yup, more than average. We are getting healthier.

So yeah, this virus sucks. It’s hell on earth, and it’s kicking us hard while we are down. And at the same time, it is re-coding our relationship with home, money, and our health. It’s making us make some significant changes for the better in our lives. I’m not sure I want to say thank you to the ugly bastard, but I am grateful for the long term side effects and the root chakra balancing it is causing on the whole.

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