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Shannon - Emotional Trauma - Case Study

Life happens to us all.

This year I experienced a combination of life events, which clouded my judgement and made me question myself. It was a traumatic time, filled with transition, stress, fear and grief. Physically and emotionally I was wounded and ached.

 I sought the guidance of Teri Leigh to assist me in navigating this challenging and painful period of life. Teri was instrumental in providing tools, which would allow me to not only see through the fog, but also regain sure footing, make sound decisions and boost much needed confidence. Teri and I began speaking weekly and then at her recommendation we graduated to every other week. Each conversation built upon the last, providing tools, guidance and a compassionate ear. She was a confidant where I felt comfortable that I could take off the mask and just pour my heart out and be accepted, and heard. She provided me the tools to rebuild my confidence and reframe how I saw my challenges. She assisted me in retooling my heartset, mindset and confidence.

Without a doubt, I wouldn't have been able to navigate such a traumatic experience in life without, Teri. Her uncanny ability to tune in and truly hear you beyond your words, is remarkable. I would highly encourage anyone to work with Teri. She is a consummate professional and positively impacts the lives of others.

My life has been made whole again thanks to Teri.

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