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The Power of WORD - How Every Day Spells Impact our Hormones

Words have power. Lots of power.

If we are mindful, we can control how much power.

The most powerful words are those cast as spells.

Whether intentional or unintentional, spells are cast every single day in our worlds. We receive them in the form of compliments (charms) and insults (curses) from others, and more insidiously, we direct them at ourselves in the form of self-talk. Empaths and HSPs are particularly susceptible to spells because we feel the subtle energies more palpably. When we are mindful about how we respond to the words of others, and practice mindfulness in terms of our own use of language towards ourselves and others, we arm ourselves with one of the greatest super powers, THE POWER OF WORDS.

A Simple Curse

I got a letter yesterday that twisted many of my own words into a depiction of me that was a gross misrepresentation of my character. Reading it felt like I was looking at myself through the reflection of a fun-house mirror. The general parts looked similar, but all distorted, and not in a good way. This person, as a representative of a larger organization, encouraged me to share very private and personal information about myself. She took my raw and honest and transparent expressions of myself, mixed them up with her very biased judgments, chewed them up, and spit them back at me. I felt like she had taken the beautiful flower bouquet I had offered her, killed the flowers with some kind of toxic acid, and added a bunch of sprigs of thorns. What I read in that letter tore me up both inside and out. As an empath who is especially sensitive to moods and emotions, I felt her stings worse because I felt both her pain of whatever it was that made her bite me, and my own injuries from her bites. This curse was especially venomous because she used my own words twisted inside out.

I could've taken this curse very personally and let it ruin not only the moment of reading the letter, but my day, my week, or even how I perceive the long term future course of my life. While the letter did make the monkeys in my mind hyperactive for one night (I am human, and it did hurt), I did the necessary mindfulness practice work to block it from impacting me negatively in any other way. In fact, this series of posts The Power of Word, was born out of my counter-act of her curse. Read here about how to Counter-Act a curse with Protection Charms.

This isn't the first time I've been cursed by someone's words, nor is it the worst one. The worst curse I endured was the final fight that caused my divorce when he literally spit F-You at me repeatedly. I was f-ed, and had to spend the next few years counter-acting that curse. It was this experience that taught me how to be mindful about counter-acting curses moving forward in my life. (You can read that story in my memoir The Gift Inside the Wound).

The Power of Words to Cause Change

Words have power because they are vibrations that enter our brains and change the wiring of how our brains work. When you hear someone say something to you (or about you) directly, that something makes you think (over-think) question or change how you think or feel about yourself, and thus changes your actions and behaviors. The vibration and tone of words and phrases have a significant impact on our hormone response and brain chemistry. Words that have a positive impact are CHARMS. Words that have a negative impact are CURSES.

Hormone Response

When you receive a compliment (charm), the vibration of that compliment enters your ears and sends a happy fuzzy-buzz through your brain. Your brain that sends messages through your spinal cord telling your body to spill hormones through your system that match the energy of that vibration. In the case of a compliment the hormones that spill into your system are usually some dopamine (rock star juice) and oxytocin (lovey-dovey juice). The vibration of the compliment made you feel good about yourself and loving toward the person who cast the charm.

When you receive an insult (curse), the vibration of that insult and the negative tone of it enters your ears and jolts your brain waves like an electrical shock. Your brain chemistry and wiring changes abruptly and sends messages down your spinal cord telling your body to respond to stress. Stress hormones of adrenaline (fear fighter) and cortisol (defense master) spill into your system and change your behavior. The vibration of the insult made you feel scared about what happened and could happen and insecure about who you are. Furthermore, it likely triggers anger and rage toward the person who spoke the insult.

We have the power to counter curses, and enhance charms by learning to control our hormones through MINDFULNESS. Join my membership blog to read posts on how to tame the monkeys in your mind, how to counter-act a curse, how to enhance the power of a charm and much more.


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