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Engage in a deep process 

to set things right in your soul.

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"I laugh when people call me a Medicine Woman,

as I have been pharmaceutical-free for nearly two decades." ~TeriLeigh

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In dealing with any kind of trauma or major illness or condition, deep spiritual ritual healing can have a profound effect.
I studied extensively for 6 years and participated in eldership rites under the tutelage of Malidoma Somé, a West African Shaman from the Dagara tribe of Burkina Faso. 
When western medicine and mental health therapy have gotten you only so far, my clients say I am their best last stop on their path to full healing.
*Ritual is not always curative. But it will help you come find peace with your situation.

Step 1



you share your full story and I will personally design a healing ritual to address your issues.

Step 2
Ritual Healing

2+ hours

$500 minimum

I facilitate the full healing ritual for you as we discussed in the in-take. *

Step 3


we meet 1-2 weeks after the ritual to discuss after effects, progress, and future process.

Ritual Healing is an intensive process that requires preparation and follow-up.

It is also a deeply profound experience that facilitates healing on all levels.

*Some rituals require the presence of a shaman. If the ritual you need does not require a shaman facilitation, step three may be skipped, but extra mentoring sessions may be required.

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