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The Gift Inside The Wound Book Cover Teri Leigh

What you are about to read is my life's greatest wound.

And my greatest gift.

A Divorce Memoir

The Gift Inside The Wound Banner Teri Leigh

The Wound

Homeless and heartbroken after her husband violently leaves her to become a celibate monk, TeriLeigh embarks on an unplanned six-month road trip. Welcomed into  guest bedrooms and to dining tables across the country, TeriLeigh stitches her broken heart with the nurturing wisdom of a breast cancer survivor, a Vietnam veteran, a therapy dog, a transgender man, a dominatrix, and more.

"This is a beautiful memoir of strength and hope. I loved all of it because it is possible to come out on the other side of difficulty."


"As soon as I started reading, I did not want to put it down. Wonderful, inspiring and fast read."


"If you enjoyed reading Eat, Pray, Love this is similar, but with more descriptive emotions that make you feel like you are experiencing this along with the author."


"This memoir deeply moved me to the point of tears. Teri Leigh so succintly wrote everything I think I've always wanted to say about my struggles to heal my own wounds.  I felt her presence on each and every page."


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