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The Goldilocks Principle Book Cover Teri Leigh

Balance Your Chakras

to Align your Energy


in your

Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Are Your Chakras Balanced?

goldilocks young woman blonde animated meditating
chakras root to crown animated
chakras root to crown

Are your chakras excessive? Too much energy spinning them that your nerves are constantly frayed? Or are your chakras deficient? Not enough energy spinning in them that things get stuck and don't work? Or are your chakras extreme? Constantly swinging the pendulum from too much to too little? What is your dominant chakra that guides your natural born abilities and tendencies? 

This book is great for beginners or for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the chakra systems.


"I have learned and understood the real connection of mind, body, and spirit."


"This book had so many AHA moments I couldn't count them all."


"If a rainbow had a feeling, it would be how I feel while reading this book.”

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