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The MOZI MethodTM

The easiest and most effective method  of stress management through mindfulness 
Listen to the monsters in your mind,
and tame them to be your mentors.

Is Your MIND Muttering?

  • Do you have a foggy brain?

  • Have monkeys taken over your mind?

  • Do your thoughts play ping pong in your head?

  • Does anxiety attack your ability to act?

What Happens When You Listen

  • Balance your hormones and respond with intention rather than out of fear or anxiety.

  • Reset your nervous system to feel cool, calm, and collected even in the midst of stress and strain.

  • Slow down the chaos so you can take conscious and informed action.

Beat Stress, Reset Your Nervous System & Balance Your Hormones with The MOZI Method

Stress is the number one cause of all physical and mental issues. When stress happens, your nervous system and hormone balance are both highly compromised, impacting your overall quality of life.


While yoga and meditation are clinically proven to reduce stress, reset the nervous system, and balance your hormones, most people cannot commit to a consistent 20-30 minutes a day yoga or meditation practice.

The MOZI Method for Mindfulness integrates the principles of yoga and meditation into simple 10-second exercises that are accessible to anyone. Based in neuroscience, The MOZI Method helps to reset your nervous system and balance your hormones in any circumstance so you can live a mindful life.

"I have learned that my feelings go up and down so much, but underneath that is a bedrock of calmness. The MOZI Method gave me tools to remember that calmness." ~Sandra

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Body-Mind-Spirit Integration

BODY Action

your body talks,
get your brain to pay attention

MIND Intention

your thoughts become your reality, choose your words carefully


breath is life, use it to
change your hormones instantly
10-Second Exercises
10X a Day
1 Exercise a Week
6 Weeks to a Mindful Life

"Everyone talks about Mind-Body-Spirit, but until I learned the MOZI Method, I never really understood what it meant. Now I get it, and I LIVE it!" ~Dawn

Mindfulness Made Easy
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    Learn to remember your innate strength, confidence, personal power, and independence.

    Access Your Strength

  • relate to others - air.jpg

    Relate and connect with loved ones, open to new perspectives, and feel empathy on a deeper level.

    Relate to Others

  • speak your mind - mineral.jpeg

    Speak from your heart so your are heard and received with kindness and compassion.

    Speak Your Mind

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    An Introduction to
    The MOZI Method and how and why it works

    Remember Muchness

  • How mindful focused breathing heals everything.

    Focused Breathing

  • Learn a grounding exercise to feel safe and secure, reduce anxiety and calm your fears.

    Feeling Safe

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    Learn to let go, go with the flow, and be flexible with that which you cannot control.

    Letting Go

MOZI Method Books

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"These books are written simply and go over the information wonderfully.

I have arthritis and The MOZI Method helped in just a week." ~Angelique

"I am OKAY, and I am good where I am at.  

A part of me knew this, but I needed TeriLeigh and The MOZI Method to remember." ~Stacy

I've been through some hard stuff. I've survived and thrived through clinical depression, being hit by a truck (as a pedestrian), significant digestive issues, chronic pain, divorce, homelessness, unemployment, bankruptcy, and more. Through all this, I sought help from doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, therapists, yoga teachers, meditation instructors, life coaches, shamans, and even psychics. What I came to find out is that the best answers to my problems are answers I find for myself. All that hard stuff led me to the good stuff of really listening to and knowing myself. 

I believe we all have hard stuff in life, and that when we seek help, the best helpers are those who guide us to find the answers inside ourselves. 

I invented The MOZI Method to help people through the hard stuffs by turning the uglies upside down to find the pretty. I ask just the right questions to get you figuring the hard stuffs out for yourself. I tell you what I hear with my happy ears, even when you talk in your heavy voice. I help you see the good stuffs that are coming out of the hard stuffs, and i give you simple homework to help you be mindful about the changes you want to make in your life. 

Your MOZI Mentor - Teri Leigh
Begin Living a Mindful Life


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MOZI Your Way to Muchness
30 Days of Muchness

Online Courses

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