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Shadow's Shine Front Book Cover Teri Leigh

“I wish for an adventure so big

that I get to feel things

I’ve never felt before,

bigger things,

more grown-up things.”

A 1980s Coming-of-Age Story

Shadow's Shine Artwork

"A young empath and her tight-knit group of friends deal with serious issues like abuse and grief. Best to keep your eyes open and your thinking cap on throughout, because there’s quite a bit of depth and symbolism to the story. Though the plot takes some dark twists and suspenseful turns, the overarching message is refreshingly uplifting. Highly recommended for young adults and adults alike." ~MFunk

"A sweet coming of age novel with a mystical twist. An easy read for an enjoyable afternoon and a lovely message to remember in life."


"This book has incredible descriptions and metaphors, and had me nodding and laughing throughout the story.
It was delicious."


Grief Coaching

Grief comes in waves, and if you don't pay attention, he will hit you hard when you least expect it.

But if you make friends with Grief, and take a active, mindful, intentional approach to your grief, it can not only be manageable, it can be pleasurable, and even joyful.

Grief Mentoring shows you how to face your grief with strength and feel the LOVE he brings.

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