Body Wisdom - Feet & Legs

Body Wisdom - Feet & Legs
Stand Solid & Feel Safe.

Has low back pain murdered your mojo?

Do your feet, knees, legs, or low back give you grief?

The number one health complaint (besides stress) is low back pain.

How you stand, sit, and walk on your legs and feet all day may be what makes them ache. Improper posture of your feet, knees and legs can put undue pressure on your low back and re-injure or cause more pain to already tender areas.

"I have more balance & stability, and my low back and leg pain is mostly gone."

Reasons to Take This Course

• Stand on your own two feet with less or no pain.
• Adjust your foot posture to relieve low back tension and tightness.

• Change knee alignment to reduce or eliminate low back and hip pain.

• Engage thigh strength to improve stability and stance.

• Improve balance and stability instantly through posture and stance.

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