Body Wisdom - Focused Breathing

Body Wisdom - Focused Breathing
The BEST deep breathing technique for anxiety & pain

Do you suffer brain fog, monkey mind, and constant thinking chatter?

Do you deal with stress and anxiety?



Do you feel better? Probably. Can you feel better than this? Definitely!

Research studies have proven that taking a deep breath makes most people feel better, AND how you take the breath matters in how MUCH better you feel! Something as simple as breathing a deep focused breath several times throughout your day can have such a MAJOR IMPACT in everything about your life!

This course teaches you HOW to take the most effective deep breath, and make it an automatic habit in your every day life. You will walk away from this class not only knowing HOW to breathe, but WHY breathing well is so important, and WHAT you can do to make better breath your automatic and normal breath.

In terms of overall health and wellness, perhaps the single most important component is BREATH. Breath is everything. Without air, a living body dies within minutes. All day long, every single day, the body breathes. It’s an unconscious action that we take constantly, and yet, we have the power to control it. Breath provides energy, fuel, healing, clarity, focus, space, relaxation, calm, stress relief, postural alignment, and so much more. While we all know a deep breath reduces stress and anxiety, scientific studies have proven that focused breathing techniques are more effective than a simple deep breath.

Focused breathing increases the oxygen in your body, brings it straight to your brain, and makes everything, absolutely everything in your body work better. This course teaches you how to do the focused breathing technique and provides brain training to make focused breathing more of your natural breathing habit.

"I have a major breathing problem and have never breathed properly. This simple course has already helped me breathe better than I ever have. THANKS!" ~George Bates

Reasons to Take This Course

• Learn a breathing technique that is scientifically proven to increase oxygen to the brain, decrease tension and stress, and relieve pain instantly.

• Improve your stress management skills by teaching yourself to take deep breaths automatically.

• Eliminate Brain Fog with Focused Breathing.

• Use Breathing to instantly relieve stress and anxiety.

• Train their brains to make Focused Breathing a natural habit.

• Improve focus and clarity.

• Relax, calm, and soothe your thoughts, mood, and mind.

• Improve brain function by providing more oxygen to your brain.

• Relieve Muscle Tension

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