Body Wisdom - Head & Neck

Body Wisdom - Head & Neck
Hold your Head Up High

Do you suffer from chronic issues of headaches, neck aches, monkey mind, and brain fog?

Do you think too hard, process too much, feel overwhelmed?

Is your life sometimes a pain in the neck? Is it sometimes difficult to focus? To listen? To Speak your mind? To Think Clearly? Are you thinking too hard? Studying too much? Jumbling your head with too much clutter? Does the pain in your neck sometimes bring you to your knees, with your head in your hands?

There’s a simple solution. Simple posture practice of head alignment and neck mechanics can clear your mind. Get more oxygen to your brain. Learning to hold your head up high, balanced softly on your neck is scientifically proven to make you feel FOCUSED AND CLEAR from the inside out.
Learn how to use your head and neck the way they were designed to be used, to get your head and your heart to communicate.

"For the first time in I don't know how long, I feel like my head and body are working together."

Reasons to Take This Course

• Identify personal posture habits in your head & neck that have contributed to pain.

• Adjust personal posture habits to use your head & neck better.

• Adjust your neck posture to relieve mid and upper back tension and tightness.

• Understand how your posture impacts the integrity of your whole body.

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