Ninja Warrior Training

Ninja Warrior Training
It might look like yoga, but it's not.

Do you hold tension and stress in your shoulders?

Are you carrying the burdens and responsibilities of others on your back?

STRESS is the number one public enemy of every day life. It comes in various forms, from distraction bugs to mind monkeys to tension tightness and more. It kills our motivation, desire, passion, and productivity.

Traditional trainings designed to conquer these beasts, such as yoga and guided meditation, often leave the Normal Man feeling more like an upside down Awkward Man. NINJA WARRIOR TRAINING may look like yoga, but it's not. This online program offers simple and fun modern stealth fighter maneuvers made accessible to any man (or not-man) to beat his most plaguing stress demons.

Led by Awkward Man (an admitted empath), designed for the Normal Man, this is the perfect introduction to a simple 5-minute-a-day yoga practice that is roll-on-your-back funny, drop-your-jaw-in-awe insightful, and any-average-joe-can-do-this easy.

"This program is hilarious! And a perfect way to 'trick' my husband into doing yoga with me."

Course Features

13 Ninja Warrior (not-yoga) Lessons

Sample Lessons
• How to Breathe Like a Ninja
• How Ninjas Look for Gum Under the Table
• Where Ninjas Find Balance in a Chaotic World
• Calm Your Mind (& Jiggle Your Inner Jelly)

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