The Goldilocks Principle - Chakra Science

The Goldilocks Principle - Chakra Science
The Chakras Made Simple through Fifth Grade Science

Are you Chakra-Curious?

Are you an energy healer or Reiki master looking for a scientific explanation of the spiritual woo-woo?

The energetic chakra and aura system of the body is often taught in esoteric and mystical terms, using Sanskrit language and Hindu theology that is way beyond the grasp of even the most energetically aware clients and students. While we may understand energy, we understand best what we can TEACH on the most basic of levels.

This class teaches the chakras through practical terms of grade school science. By nixing all the esoteric and mystical terminology, we will develop a simple and relatable chakra language you can use with your clients and convince even non-energy believers to work towards JUST RIGHT balance in their lives.

Similar to our class The Science of Body-Mind-Spirit, this course serves as an awesome introduction to our Chakra Balancing Courses.

You Will Learn...

A simple scientific explanation of how the chakras work within your body's nervous system.
Easy to understand definitions of complex Sanskrit terms used in chakra language.
Practical and relatable analogies of how the chakras work within the human body.
How your BODY posture and mechanics support the balancing of your chakras in the LAW OF CONSERVATION OF ENERGY
How your MIND controls your body through thought actions to fight INERTIA by applying a changing FORCE
How the SPIRIT energy of breath provides OXYGEN to create CHANGE applying the LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT

This Class is for you if...

You are curious about the science of the chakra energy system.
You are an energy healer, lightworker, Reiki practitioner, or spiritual teacher looking for a way to relate to your non-spiritual clients.
You are a yoga practitioner or teacher wanting to understand the chakras in your body.

"Loved this course. The instructor was superb-- clear, engaging, and knowledgeable. I never understood the benefits of yoga before this class. If you ever wondered about the benefits of oxygen in relation to your mind, body, and spirit-- this course is for you. OUTSTANDING!!" ~Suzanne Downing

What Students Are Saying

"This class ties in so well with my Reiki class. I was looking for a science take on energy and this class was it. The lectures are very easy to grasp. Very engaging. Thank you so much for offering this class!" ~Liza Boodan

"WOW! Still in a state of WOW..Because of every day routine completely forgot what a body is, what a mind is what a spirit is ..This course was a huge eye-opener which connects the dots so to speak..We always read/know breath is so important but why ? this course helped me understand it ..Thanks Teri!! Absolutely loved the course." ~Hemanth Puranik

"This course makes "lofty" concepts plain, simple and accessible." ~Erin Austin

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