The Goldilocks Principle - Core Chakra

for Strength, Confidence & Independence

Do you feel weak and vulnerable when you need strength & power?

Do you lack motivation and purpose?

The Core Chakra - a spinning energy vortex that contains vital energetic information having to do with your body’s sense of strength & power.

Chakra balancing isn’t just for the wise mystic on the mountaintop. Just as we depend on the element of fire to motivate and inspire us, we depend on our Core Chakra to help keep us active, powerful, strong, and confident.

A balanced Core Chakra helps us feel passion, purpose, strength, and power in our bodies. Learn how to diagnose, calibrate and exercise your own Core Chakra to access your internal strength, power, and confidence.

"The course was very informative and it was science-based. I've learned a lot, I can pass this on to my family and loved ones!"

What You Will Learn

• How to Activate your Core Chakra by igniting the fire and passion within you.

• How to use the healing energies of Fire to burn away insecurities and ignite your drive & purpose.

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