The Goldilocks Principle - Heart Chakra

for openness & expansion

Do you struggle in relationship?

Do you have difficulty with healthy boundaries of giving & receiving?

The Heart Chakra - a spinning energy vortex that contains vital energetic information having to do with your body’s sense of love, connection, openness, and relatability.

Chakra balancing isn’t just for the wise mystic on the mountaintop. Just as we depend on the element of air to breath and move, we depend on our Heart Chakra to help keep us loving, connected, and holding healthy boundaries.

A balanced Heart Chakra helps us give and receive, connect and relate, love and care in our lives. Learn how to diagnose, calibrate and exercise your own Heart Chakra to access your healthy sense of loving kindness.

"Teri presented the information in a knowledgeable and engaging way. I really enjoyed her class!"

What You Will Learn

• How to Activate your Heart Chakra by opening to the healthy balance of giving and receiving.

• How to use the healing energies of Air to open to opportunities, relationships, and connections while keeping healthy boundaries for yourself.

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