The Goldilocks Principle - Root Chakra

for Support, Stability & Foundation

Do you feel unnecessary worry & anxiety?

Do you need grounding, support, stability, and structure?

The Root Chakra - a spinning energy vortex that contains vital energetic information having to do with your body’s survival.

Chakra balancing isn’t just for the wise mystic on the mountaintop. Just as you depend on the foundation of your house to keep your home strong, we depend on our Root Chakra to help keep us strong and healthy. A balanced Root chakra helps us feel safe and secure in our bodies.

Learn how to diagnose, calibrate and exercise your own Root Chakra to eliminate your own fears, anxieties, and worries and feel safe, secure, grounded, and stable.

"Very good course. The instructor is very knowledgeable about the subject. Good pace and very easy to follow."

What You Will Learn

• How to use your Third Eye to learn the psychic anatomy of your Root Chakra

• How to Ground your Root Chakra into the Earth, releasing the energy of worry, fear, and anxiety

• How to use the healing energies of the Earth to release stagnant, stuck energy and revitalize your Root Chakra

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