The Goldilocks Principle - Sacral Chakra

for Flow, Creativity & Release of Guilt

Do you have control issues or often feel out of control?

Do you lack your sense of creativity and imagination?

The Sacral Chakra - a spinning energy vortex that contains vital energetic information having to do with your body’s sense of adventure and exploration.

Chakra balancing isn’t just for the wise mystic on the mountaintop. Just as we depend on the water to keep us clean, we depend on our Sacral Chakra to help keep us flowing, moving, creative, and free.

A balanced Sacral Chakra helps us feel playful, creative and flowing in our bodies. Learn how to diagnose, calibrate and exercise your own Sacral Chakra to eliminate your own guilt, limitations, control issues, and feel creative and free.

"Loved this course! It was so informative, engaging, left me wanting to learn more."

What You Will Learn

• How to Flow with your Sacral Chakra into the waters of freedom and creativity

• How to use the healing energies of Water to release, let go, activate your creativity and revitalize your Sacral Chakra

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