The Goldilocks Principle - Third Eye Chakra

for focus & clarity

Do you want to develop and trust your intuition?

Do you need focus & clarity of what's happening around you?

The Third Eye Chakra - a spinning energy vortex that contains vital energetic information having to do with your body’s sense of focus, clarity, insight & intuition.

Chakra balancing isn’t just for the wise mystic on the mountaintop. Just as we depend on the element of nature to connect with our instincts and inner wisdom, we depend on our Third Eye Chakra to help us trust our intuition.

A balanced Third Eye Chakra helps us trust ourselves and our inner knowing. Learn how to diagnose, calibrate and exercise your own Third Eye to find your inner focus and clarity.

"This was a whole new approach to intuition that I really needed."

What You Will Learn

• How to to open your Third Eye so that you can trust your instinct and listen to your intuition.

• How to use the healing energies of Nature to find focus and clarity on what is best for YOU.

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