The MOZI Method - Go With the Flow

A Simple Exercise to Let Go for Feel Free.

Do you sometimes feel like the world is out of your control but you don’t know how to let go?

Do you need to LET GO in order to feel more loose and free?

When we feel tension and tightness, it is often a result of hanging on to things we cannot control, trying too hard, and being too perfectionistic.

The MOZI Method GO WITH THE FLOW exercise is effective in letting go, shaking things off, and loosening up. You can shake off something that just happened, let go of things you cannot control, or wash away feelings of guilt and responsibility in mere seconds.

"It works. It really works. I am not so much of a control freak anymore!"

What You Will Learn

• Go With the Flow to feel more flexible, free, and creative in your body & behavior

• Let Go of things that are out of your control

• Wash Off toxic energies and things that no longer serve you

• Make Healthy Posture of your hips & pelvis part of your automatic habits

• Reset your nervous system so you know when is the right time to hold on and when is the right time to let go

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