The MOZI Method - Remember Your Muchness

The MOZI Method - Remember Your Muchness
An Introduction to The MOZI Method for Mindfulness & Stress Management

Have you lost your muchness?

Does dwelling on the past or being anxious about the future disrupt your ability to function in the here and now?

MUCHNESS is the state of being your GREATEST SELF.

Stress steals your MUCHNESS.


Challenges, limitations, everyday busy-ness and demands of daily life can make the monkeys in your mind chatter mindlessly about nothing that matters, conjuring a confusing fog in your brain.

In times of stress, we are easily thrown off center, and we forget our own internal strength, power, and peace of mind. In the moment of difficult situations, you can achieve Mindfulness to instantly restore your Muchness in just three seconds by linking simple body positions to mindful intentions and focused breath.

Mindfulness does not have to be a seated meditation practice of clearing your mind every day for twenty minutes. Who can do that? Who has time for that? We aren't all meditation masters. The MOZI Method is the life-hack for meditation. It teaches you how to be MINDFUL in everyday moments. When you are MINDFUL, you live in your MUCHNESS!

"The MOZI Method is so easy, I wasn't sure it would work. But after two weeks of doing the homework, EVERYTHING in my life is better."

What You Will Learn

• What MUCHNESS is

• 3 Types of Stress that Steal MUCHNESS

• 5 Proven (and time-consuming) methods of Managing Stress and why they often fail

• The Role of Hormones in Stress

• How The MOZI Method Works as a MINDFULNESS PRACTICE to Restore MUCHNESS

• How The MOZI Method was discovered as a Body-Mind-Spirit Integrative Exercise Approach to Wellness

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