The MOZI Method - Stand Your Ground

The MOZI Method - Stand Your Ground
A Simple Exercise to Feel Stability & Support

Does something in your life make you feel like you’ve been knocked off your feet or cut off at the knees?

Do you have stress related to basic needs (home, family, food, finances, health, family health, support, fear, anxiety, panic)?

When we don't feel safe or supported, stable or solid in our bodies and our lives, we often end up dealing with anxiety, worry, panic and fear.

If you feel knocked off your feet, cut off at the knees, or overtaken with worry and anxiety, The MOZI Method for Stand Your Ground is a series of simple exercises that train your brain and body to remind you to find the MUCHNESS of FOUNDATION inside yourself.

You can calm the chaos, wash-out the worry, anchor the anxiety, and push-down the panic in mere seconds.

You will learn to align your body, focus your mind, and balance your hormones to make you more solid, grounded, supported, and stable.

"Be sure to put your feet in the right place, and then stand firm." ~Abraham Lincoln

What You Will Learn

• Stand Your Ground to feel more safe, stable, and supported in your body & behavior

• Take Your Seat when put into a position of weakness

• Dig in Your Heels to help make and commit to decisions in your life

• Make Healthy Posture of your feet, knees, legs and bum part of your automatic habits

• Balance your Fight/Flight hormones with Rest/Digest hormones and to make yourself more stable, supported, solid, and grounded.

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