The Science of Body-Mind-Spirit

The Science of Body-Mind-Spirit
Biology, Neurology & Chemistry interconnected in a practical way.

What does Body-Mind-Spirit REALLY mean?

A Fabulous Introduction to the Science of Spirit

We hear the catch-phrase "body-mind-spirit" everywhere. We know it is connected to optimal health and wellness, but HOW? Do we REALLY understand what it means on a practical every day level? More often than not, these terms evoke a sense of spirituality and esoteric wisdoms that make you feel like your head is floating up in the clouds. Many people shy away from yoga and other forms of alternative healing simply because the concept of body-mind-spirit seems too “woo woo.”

This course defines Body-Mind-Spirit in simple and practical terms by going back to basic grade-school science class and remembering about the body’s basic functions. We will explore the:

BIOLOGY of the BODY in your bones, muscles, blood and breath.
NEUROLOGY of the MIND in your electrical impulses along nerve pathways.
CHEMISTRY of the SPIRIT in your ever-changing moods and hormones.

Once you understand how body-mind-spirit works as a science, you can work it as a medicine to achieve INSTANT WELLNESS. When you put your BODY into alignment, focus and clarify your thoughts in your MIND, and breathe from your SPIRIT, everything, absolutely EVERYTHING in life works better. Your body works better, your mind thinks clearer, and your mood feels happier. You will leave this class with an understanding of Body-Mind-Spirit as simple and practical science that you can apply to your everyday!

"Teri explained everything so well. I wish she was my biology teacher in college!!! I could visualize everything she spoke about. I enjoyed the lecture very much. Teri helped me jump start my studies. I will be watching more of her lectures."

What Students Are Saying

"The instructor spoke plainly so you could understand even the most complicated information about the body, mind, and spirit." ~Brittany Edwards

"I've gotten more from this course than the last 5 I've taken! Thank you!" ~Barb Burgess

"Excellent introductory course to the magic of body, mind and spirt alignement!!! Definitely got me excited to know more!!" ~Diana

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