An Elemental Approach to the Chakras

A simple & easily digestible way to learn the chakras in yoga.

Based on TeriLeigh's first-ever published ebook.

Your bones, tissues, muscles, organs, etc. make up your physical anatomy, and your chakras (energy centers), nadis (energy channels) and auras (energy field outside the body) make up your energetic anatomy. The physical and energetic work together to create the whole. This program teaches the interconnectedness of your experience in a human body as it relates to the natural ecosystem of the world.

Explore the seven major chakras of your energetic body and how they align with seven components of your physical body anatomy and how they reflect and embody seven elements of the natural world.

For each of the seven major chakras, you will learn
• Sanskrit name & definition
• Physical body parts & anatomy
• Natural element
• Symptoms of dysfunction

"This approach to the chakras is so common sense and real that it is brilliant!"

What's Included

• the full Yoga Roots ebook
• a 10-15 minute yoga practice for each chakra
• a 10-minute guided meditation for each chakra
• a simple body posture and alignment to activate the natural element of the chakra

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