Yoga Wonderland - 5 Minute Sequences

Yoga Wonderland - 5 Minute Sequences
5 Minutes. 5 Poses. 5 Breaths. 5x a Week.

What would happen if you committed to just 5-poses a day?

What if a home yoga practice doesn't have to be more than 5-minutes a day?

Starting a home yoga practice can feel daunting for two reasons. First, you don't feel like you can fill a full practice without a teacher's guidance and motivation. Second, you don't know what poses to do in what order.

But home yoga practice shouldn't follow the same rules as practice in a class or studio. You should make up your own rules.

This series of 5-minute 5-pose sequences allows you to start drinking the potion and eating the cake of Yoga Wonderland in tiny tidbit sips and bites. Commit yourself to just 5 poses of 5 breaths each, for a total of 5 minutes, and you'll be filled with wonder at the adventures you have and what you learn and discover about yourself.

You'll start with just 5-minutes, and find yourself craving more.

"I started with just 5-minutes of four-on-the-floor poses and found myself going for more and longer in just a few days."

What's Included

Twelve 5-minute sequences
Printable cheat-sheet for each sequence
Audio positive affirmation podcast for each sequence
Full 57-minute positive affirmation podcast 12-sequence practice

Bonus - Yoga Wonderland's Un-Rules

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