Yoga Wonderland - Down the Rabbit Hole Podcasts

Yoga Wonderland - Down the Rabbit Hole Podcasts
300+ Audio Guided Yoga Practices

Are you craving a deeper spirituality to your practice?

Is it time to start a home practice but you don't want to give up your white rabbit teachers?

When you accidentally-on-purpose found yourself in a yoga class, you found yourself following a white rabbit yoga teacher into the twists and turns and tunnels of a world where the mundane became magical. Yoga students across the globe have slid down the slippery slope with arms up screaming “wheeee” all the way through a kaleidoscope of adventures. Yoga classes are so magical, it’s hard to believe that a home practice can be even MORE MAGICAL, and unlocking the tiny door at the bottom of the yoga rabbit hole can be scary because you don’t know how to fit your big body through that tiny door. This series of over 300 yoga podcast practices offer a spiritual insight to practice unlike those offered by any other teachers, and a perfect bridge from the studio to the home mat where you will eventually learn to be your own best teacher.

"This collection of podcasts is the largest library of resources for the smallest price, a perfect metaphor for how much I've grown since going through the tiny Yoga Wonderland door of home practice."

What's Included

Over 325 live recorded yoga podcast practices from TeriLeigh's travels nationwide.

Access to ALL 15 of TeriLeigh's yoga practice collections (chakras, detox, 40 days, hip openers, gentle, meditation, etc.)

Bonus Guided Meditation Podcast Series

Mindfulness Online Academy


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