Yoga Wonderland - Off the Mat

Yoga Wonderland - Off the Mat
Yoga Through the Looking Glass

What magic might happen if you learned how to apply your yoga to EVERYTHING you do?

Yoga Everywhere is much easier than you think!

There is a common saying in yoga studios “practice once a week to change your day, three times a week to change your body, and five times a week to change your life.” Taken one step further, if you practice tiny tidbits of yoga many times a day, every day, not just during a class or mat-practice, you will feel the results in every moment of your existence.

The MOZI Method is a series of simple 10-second exercises you can do OFF THE MAT, anywhere, anytime, applying the principles of yoga to your every day life. They are scientifically designed and anecdotally proven to create lasting and sustainable results. Simply put, if you do these exercises several times a day, throughout your entire day, attaching them to already established habits (brushing your teeth, washing dishes, pumping gas, etc.), you will find yourself enjoying the curiosities of Yoga Wonderland in everything you do.

"This is OFF THE MAT approach is truly genius!"

What You Will Learn

The absolute best way to make positive changes in your life is to do little things often. This series includes:

A simple introduction to The MOZI Method

13 10-second Yoga Wonderland inspired MOZI Method Exercises

Sample Lessons:
• Find Balance Amidst Chaos
• Feel Safe and Stable
• Access Your Inner Strength & Confidence

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