Yoga Wonderland - ebook & audio book

Yoga Wonderland - ebook & audio book
The Complete Yoga Wonderland Asana Resource Guide

Do you LOVE yoga?

Do you LOVE Alice in Wonderland?

An estimated 300 million people worldwide have followed White Rabbits (yoga teachers) down the yoga rabbit hole where upside-down is natural, inside-out is outside-in, left feels like right, and backwards is the same as forwards. Over the last two decades, those White Rabbits have multiplied, like. . . well. . . rabbits. Every one of them teaches that the answers lie within, yet none of them can give you the key to that tiny door behind the curtain that leads you out of the confined and overcrowded rabbit hole tunnels into Yoga Wonderland.

When you step onto your mat by yourself, without a teacher (or podcast or video), you unlock the door to Yoga Wonderland, a vast and magical place where you gain access to the mysterious wonders and curiosities of your most abundant and infinite resource, your imagination. One by one, the characters of Alice’s Wonderland, gently nudge you to fan yourself with your breath, just 5-poses, 5-minutes, and 5-breaths at a time. They are the teachers that live inside yourself, your inner voice talking to you, inspiring you to be curious and full of wonder as you dig deep inside yourself to discover your own answers.

Alice beckons you to let the white rabbits hop along without you, step onto the looking glass of your yoga mat and turn in on yourself like a shut-up telescope. Come swim with the Mouse in a pool of your own tears, and feel the feels til they heal. Run in the Caucus Race where the Dodo reminds you of your inner confidence and warrior strength. Eat from both sides of the Caterpillar’s mushroom where balance is not about finding center but about playing on the teeter-totter to get that whee-tickle-feel in your tummy. Sip tea with the Mad Hatter to invert your perspective of life. When you drink the potion and eat the cakes, swallow the ones that taste good, and spit out the ones that don’t, you’ll find yourself grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

In that beautiful place, your imagination spills itself like glitter into the workings of your every day life, morphing your world from mundane to magical through a kaleidoscope of adventures in the people you meet, the places you go, the things you do, and the feelings you feel.

This course includes the full Yoga Wonderland ebook and its audiobook companion. It includes 12 5-pose sequences for a total of 65+ asanas, cleverly linked to the sacred spiritual lessons in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

"This is the most creative and motivating yoga book I've ever read."

What's Included

Yoga Wonderland full ebook
Yoga Wonderland full audio book
12 5-pose sequences
65+ asanas

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