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Yoga Wonderland

Adventures in Home Practice
A magical place where you access

Establish a Sustainable & Inspired Home Practice

5 breaths • 5 poses  • 5 minutes •  5 days a week

You Tumbled Down the Yoga Rabbit Hole

but yoga classes are crowded

online classes are impersonal

studio prices are expensive

and it's all time-consuming

Yoga Wonderland Online

A Vast Library of Home Practice Resources


14  modules step-by-step guide to staring and building your self-guided home practice.

Interactive Book

Yoga teachings in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  Includes ebook, audiobook & video book.


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Practice Workbook

Downloadable  handouts, cheat sheets, journal templates, and questions for reflection.

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65 Pose Asana Guide

Positive affirmations, spiritual benefits, and  2-min audio readings to play while practice each pose.


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5-Minute Sequences

Mini-sequences inspired by the characters in Alice's adventures. Cheat sheets and affirmations included.

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Off the Mat Exercises

Take your practice off your mat into your everyday life with these simple MOZI Method body-mind-spirit exercises you can do anywhere, anytime.

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White Rabbit Whispers

13 entertaining and educational practice videos designed for the absolute beginner.

AKA Ninja Warrior Training. AKA Yoga for Husbands.


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Practice Podcasts

325+ Live-Recording Yoga Practice Podcasts as taught by the author Over 400 hours of audio guided practice, and guided meditations.


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Countless Adventures

Commit to Yoga Wonderland and you will save time and money while bringing your yoga practice to levels you cannot reach in a class.



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Don't Let the Red Queen Chop Off Your Head 


Yoga Wonderland


TeriLeigh - Your Wonderland Guide

Teri Leigh fell down the yoga rabbit hole in 1999 and has maintained a home yoga practice for over 20 years. From 2009-2018 she traveled across the USA teaching over 200,000 students, and training over 200 yoga teachers. Teri Leigh’s writing teaching offers a unique and playful approach to turn in on yourself (like a telescope) and adventure through the wonderland you cannot find in any yoga class, podcast, or streamed practice.

Sprinkled with lots of pixie dust.

I particularly like the supportive self-talk suggestions to accompany sequences of poses.
~ Dorothy


  • Discover your body's unique language and how it sings when it's happy.

  • Learn the deeper symbolism and life lessons in the stories of your practice.

  • Explore the beautiful colors of your intuition and imagination.

  • Enjoy the priceless magic of not paying for yoga classes.

  • Relish the timelessness of practicing yoga on your own terms

  • Access the deeper wisdoms that live in your bone marrow, DNA, and cellular memory.

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