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Yoga Wonderland Book Cover Teri Leigh

Establish a Sustainable & Inspiring Home Practice in just

5 Minutes a day

5 Days a week

5 Poses per practice

5-Breaths per pose

Expect the Unexpected on Your Yoga Mat

Alice Red Queen Yoga

When you step onto a yoga mat without a teacher, you unlock the tiny door to Yoga Wonderland, a vast and magical place where you gain access to the mysterious wonders and curiosities of your most abundant and infinite resource, your imagination! 

Yoga Wonderland helped me find my voice, trust my intuition, and access my inner strength."


"This is the type of book you can just grab each day, and open to any page, and it would encourage you to take 5 minutes to breathe and to move or practice a pose with an intention in mind."


"This book provides the support I need to build trust in myself and honor the needs of my own body and being, done in a way that combines Teri's deep wisdom, gentle coaching, and child-like playfulness into a truly transformational journey toward self-realization."


"This book is a light and happy read, sprinkled with lots of pixie dust. It is best suited for folks who have some familiarity with yoga poses. I particularly like the supportive self-talk suggestions to accompany sequences of poses."


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